GHN Laboratories


Green Health Nutrition is an Algerian manufacturing laboratory of food supplements. Its dietetic, nutritional & phytotherapy products are available in Algeria, and soon in several countries. Its head office is located in Algiers, Algeria. Its Scientific and Development Director is Dr. Pharm. M. L. TOURAB

Since its creation in 2018, Green Health Nutrition has established itself as a major supplier of many food supplements in Algeria and, soon, plans to expand to African, MENA, and Gulf countries.

We started with a few products at the start and have shown rapid growth. We now have a variable range of food supplements.

We have greatly contributed to the well-being of the population and our customers recognize it. Since our inception, not only have we focused on creating turnkey products for our customers, but we have also strived to build a quality relationship with them.

We have taken several steps over the months and each of them has pushed us to realize our dream of promoting well-being across Algeria with our revolutionary health products.

Our Mission
Our Mission is to market food supplements which meet the specific needs of consumers in nutrients, whether it is a need, a filling of a nutritional deficiency or a precaution aimed at enabling them to improve their health and well-being.”
Our Vision

Our Vision is to organically develop ourselves and becoming the main supplier of food supplements on the Algerian market first, and the African, MENA & Gulf region, at a second step.

5 values, one company

Provide consumers with essential sources of healthy products to improve their well-being.

The core values
of Green Health Nutrition are natural and immutable. They guide daily actions and form a common foundation that all teams across the country share and commit to respect. Five founding values:

3 fundamental imperatives the heart, soul and spirit are our driving force.

Innovation: Our thirst for advanced and ethical solutions to improve well-being is constant.

Our commitment is to provide the best to consumers.

We honor life.

Partner listening:
Our commitment to sharing well-being consists in giving back, and in active listening